• Les 10 gestes en Anglais


    1.       Take a shower as quickly as possible. Don't leave the water running.

    2.       Avoid accepting bags in stores.

    3.       Turn on the lights when you need them. Turn them off when you leave.

    4.       Only use hot water when I need it.

    5.       Avoid using the car for distances that I can travel by bicycle or on foot.

    6.       Don't leave electrical goods on standby.

    7.       Reuse paper.

    8.       Try to avoid using air conditioning when it's not necessary

    9.       Try to eat local produce and food that is in season.

    10.   Use as little as possible while brushing my teeth's.


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    Jeudi 14 Avril 2011 à 09:51

    salut desoler de ne pas avoir choisi ton logo mais je le trouve mignon je l adore.

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